International Foundation For Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development.

Together we can bring a positive change

Vision to make this world a better place for the women to thrive.

All over the world, women face many difficulties across various fields, but more so in the developing and under developed countries. International Foundation for Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development (IFWEE) aims to play a key role in facilitating the financial inclusion and empowerment of women through Education, Skill Development, Mentoring and Entrepreneurship. Our team works relentlessly towards providing the women across the globe with equal access to:

  • Education and Literacy.
  • Skill Development and Training.
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development.
  • Mentoring.
  • Microfinancing.

At IFWEE, we believe that when women are empowered, it results in the empowerment of entire communities and countries at large. The primary objective of International Foundation for Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development (IFWEE) is to help promote a world where women are free to make their own well-informed decisions. By using the power of technology and social media to connect women worldwide, IFWEE gives women the opportunity to connect, unite, share, launch their businesses and mentor other women.

Networking & Collaborations

Women from different parts of the world connect and collaborate to build a nurturing ecosystem.

Entrepreneur Skilling & Mentorship

Successful women entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial journeys, stories and experiences to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among potential women entrepreneurs.

Incubation & Acceleration

We help the startups of women entrepreneurs by incubating the startup from the seed level (or ideation stage) to a revenue-generating business.

Venture Funding & Financial Assistance

Financial assistance in the form of low interest business loans and series round venture funding for startups of women entrepreneurs.


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Women Empowerment Coin (WEC) for the financial inclusion of women across the globe through blockchain and cryptocurrency

Entrepreneur Cohort

An opportunity for women to access the best from industry experts and influential networks while building relationships with investors.


A global network of industry-focused women startup accelerators providing investment and mentorship opportunities.


Facilitating entrepreneurial development through a collaborative program designed with a sole purpose of helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Venture Funding

Funding startups, early-stage, and emerging businesses of women entrepreneurs that have been deemed to have high growth potential.


With an aim to recognise and reward the outstanding accomplishments of women entrepreneurs, and to motivate the upcoming Businesses.

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The International Foundation for Women Empowerment (IFWEE) is a not-for-profit and non-government decentralized organization, conceptualized by a group of women entrepreneurs to empower the girls and women belonging to developing and underdeveloped countries by giving them equal opportunities in education, skill development and entrepreneurship.

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